SEO basics- Even out the desirable URL structure.

A right URL structure is very crucial for a website. There should be only one effective URL for your site as multiple URLs are indexed as different pages by search engines and which may be misleading. A single and right URL can keep your website under complete control and multiple URLs can make the same site go berserk.

  • Tackle this issue with server side programming. Work htaccess or ISAPI in order to assemble web server to process pages constantly either with the “www.” without it.
  • Search engines may find it a daunting task to decipher your words and imparting a certain value. Therefore act cautiously while dealing with your words together. Search engines may be grown up and smart essentially to figure out common and easy keywords, but unreserved words could be a messy affair..
  • The shorter the better! Always try to limit the length of your URL to three to four words. Steer clear off abbreviations in your URL.
  • Include keywords in your URL but spare redundancy. When dealing with numbers in your URL, be careful of the format otherwise there is a potential chance of search engines interpreting as a date.
  • Excuse extensions now to keep redirect issues at bay in the future.
  • Although directories render flexibility and control, the downside of it is the URL length that invites complexity. However, it is advisable to use directories only for larger websites.
  • If your website is too old and you have the urge to change the URL, ensure to use a 301 redirect from the old URL to the new URL.

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