Best ways to carrying off teasing twinned content

Twin content or duplicate content is broadly referred to collateral content chunks inside or over domains that either wholly compeer other content or are closely alike. The duplication of content could be very nettlesome at times; however, there are many ways to get rid of this teasing twinned content.

Your server is the content dumping ground; hence remove all the old content from your server. You may not observe this as a likely solution but it is a reliable solution for the annoying duplicate content. In the process of development and re-development, there is a chance of overwritten of the old files. This retention of the old files can lead to possible content duplication troubles.

By eliminating all the duplicate pages, one can easily run a check on broken links that in turn spot the duplicate content.

Check all the links pointing to your website. Observe that and take you to the same page but search engine index this as a different URL. Therefore, quickly run through all your website links and engineer them to “www” version.

Beware of relative links, which may sometimes invite duplicate content problems. Ensure that all your absolute links possess complete URL of the linked page.

Know the difference between and Check not to link your website’s homepage to “/index.html (or.asp, .php.). This is equally applicable for all the other pages of the site. Abide by one version of linking throughout the site.

If fixing the issue of duplicate content is so easy why not try if it is in the best interest of your website.

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