A tailor-made 404 page (Too lengthy. Details are spanning a word limit of 700 odd)

Many of us have noticed that sometimes, when the page we are looking for is not found, the screen shows that the page we are trying to trace is not there. Then there comes a page on the screen flashing “404 error page”. Technically speaking, this silly and funny page contains an invisible code sent by the webserver. What we generally do when we encounter this 404 page is we annoyingly hit the BACK button because firstly we did not find what we wanted and secondly we do not know the reason for not finding the page.  This does not solve the problem a bit. At times we wonder what if there is another alike page which instead of plainly telling “404 error” justifies for the inconvenience and gives you links to e-mail to the site administrator. If you own a business and your customers face such a problem, the customer will not be at loss, it is you who will be losing pretty lot of customers and the traffic and sales will be reduced.

When you have known the consequences, why waste time……….create your own customized 404 error page in few easy steps. First and foremost thing to begin is to look out for directory where you dump all the web page files. In that look out for .htaccess file.

Start editing by adding ‘ErrorDocument 404http://www.domain.com/404page.html to the .htaccess file

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