Tests the SEO needs to pass before you hire them

4- Grammar: If the comments from that particular SEO have horrible grammar and if it apparent that text has been directly translated from some other language, you could avoid them. A comment for a comment’s sake in bad grammar is highly ineffective. True, you probably will get the link you are looking for, but what kind of an impression are you giving the site where the comment is being left? Continue reading “Tests the SEO needs to pass before you hire them”

When Blogging to Support SEO…

When blogging to support SEO it is essential to understand a few steps that will prove instrumental in determining how popular your blog will be.

The first of these is the most important thing: relevance. If you are using your blog post to link to your website, ensure that the post is related to the page you are linking it to. Writing a random article and connecting random words to external pages will not go anywhere. Continue reading “When Blogging to Support SEO…”

8 SEO Techniques

Keep linking: Linking within the article to either specific sections, to other articles in the same topic, or to pages of your company’s site that offers services related to what you’ve written is one of the best things you can do to drive traffic to your pages. It caters perfectly to the goals of SEO and is one of the most convenient things to do. Continue reading “8 SEO Techniques”