Social Media and Organic Ranking

Alright, let’s look at the numbers here: there are over200 million sites that are launched every day. So, how do you find your prospective, “the one”, your customer, or have him find you, in that melee? That is a question that has been plaguing marketers right from the beginning.

Let’s look at each of the popular social media sites separately:


Twitter, for those living in a cave, is a powerful micro blogging site that allows its users to update in only 140 characters. Although the links on Twitter are no follow links, they improve the news results. Those Tweets that are the most Tweeted are the most shared and most visited pages, making their page rank go higher.

Therefore, getting and making Tweets on the content and links you put up should do the trick.


Facebook too, like Twitter exists to keep your readers and people who are following your updates to be aware of what is new with you. When search engines scour the internet for your company name of the information that is directly related to you, it chooses the most popular and most “Liked” and “Shared”. When the content that is put up and the link is provided on Facebook, if the content is interesting and genuine, it ranks higher in search engines.

Putting up links to articles and pages that are good, original and unique will get you likes, which means more popularity.

On a parting note, be careful about where you sign up and submit. Because the better it is the more popular it is.

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