How does LinkedIn help you business?

LinkedIn is a social network that has been specifically business oriented. It is different because it focuses on business themselves. While with the others the focus is on people, Linked in allows you to make company pages that allow you to connect businesses.

LinkedIn offers Company Pages that are similar to those offered by other Social Networks like Facebook, but have different features that not just have the basic information about the company and a link back to them, but much more that allows your users to know more about you.

The following are the features of LinkedIn Company Pages that are good for businesses:

  • Banner Ads: These are unique to LinkedIn. Banner Ads are exactly what they imply: LinkedIn gives you the space to have three banners that change every few seconds, just like the banners on your site. The biggest advantage of LinkedIn Banner Ads is that it is a free service where each ad can be linked back to the page of your site.
  • Share Button: Another feature unique to LinkedIn, this button allows the users-your visitors, to share your page with other people on LinkedIn. It appears then on the news feed page on the home page of the users’ account.
  • Recommendations: This is probably the most important and the most unique feature of LinkedIn. ‘Recommendations’ allows you to recommend people, by writing personal recommendations out to them. Now this can be cone for Business pages as well.

The buck doesn’t really stop here, you can do so much more with your LinkedIn pages if you only explore.

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