What do you want- link building or relationship building?

Link building is a good practice but not at the stake of customer relationship. Link building is relatively easier to constructing relationship that is a mammoth sized task. To sustain your online business, relationship building with your audience is critical. Pleasing machines and pleasing humans take a complete dissimilar approach and therefore should not be conceived and handled in a similar fashion.

Reciprocate by all means: Man changes priorities with time. Today it is needed tomorrow it may seem that needful. To cope up with this ever-changing necessity, there should be a definite strategy. Reciprocality can strike a balance if done creatively. If a customer favours you, return the favour with equableness. Therefore, reassess your link building strategy to decipher what kind of collateral you should put forth.

Choose the appropriate medium for your message: With the fast growing technological advancements, many modes of communication have come into existence but not all can serve right in all instances. People are unique and they do have their preferences. One may feel comfortable using one mode of communication and the other may harbour complete aversion for the same. Study your audience and their communication preferences. You audience can get the complete essence of your business message only when conveyed through their preferred channel.

Study the customer behaviour: Every individual has a unique motivational factor that triggers a specific behavioural pattern. Learn what part of your business prompts them to be in a business relation with you. Think from this perspective and devise a strategy for mutual benefit. Follow a design based on empathy; study their needs, interests, etc. Influence their motivation values by tracing out what kind of stuff appeals them.

Your little curiosity to get into your customers’ world can line up unending curious customers for you.

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