Two Birds in a Bag Are…

…better than one in the bush and one in the hand.

So, how does SMM influence SEO?

As it turns out, it is not only the ‘S’ that both words share, they are interrelated and inter connected in such a way that there is a lot that can be done to boost SEO by working on Social Media Marketing.

1-Social Media Marketing Helps You Find the Right Audience: What you should be doing is trying to narrow down on who your audience are and understand their behaviour. “WHY?” you ask? Because, the most important thing for any company is to find the right means of publishing and connecting with their audience. And once the right audience is found, it all depends on conversations with them and the keywords in them.

2-Objectives: Objectives are, more often than not, driven by marketing strategies. But in the case of SEO, since it is not really direct marketing, different rules apply. Marketing in this case is done by search and IF YOUR SITE SHOWS UP ON A SEARCH, THAT IS HOW YOU BENEFIT. Therefore, putting up stuff on social media sites can help improve your SEO objectives.

3-Strategic Mixes: Having an account on one particular SMM site just doesn’t cut it. What you need to do is get the right mixture of SMM sites and most importantly, OPTIMIZING FOR KEYWORDS

4-Have a Working Plan of What You’d Like to Achieve: While it is true that all you can have in a marketing thing, whether direct or indirect is a strategy and it is not possible to have a minute by minute plan of everything that is meant to happen, it is important that A CONCRETE IDEA OF WHAT YOU HOPE TO ACHIEVE and ensure that your strategy points in the same direction.

We all know that SEO influences SMM and vice versa. What is most crucial then is to see how common attributes can help benefit both. Smart work, in this case will bag you two birds in one stone!


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