The foundation for Link Building

Link Building is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Links can be compared to little arrow marks that point to your site. Every link that you get from another site is a little arrow that points to your site, encouraging all those who see it to click and visit your page.

Logically then, the more the links that are connected to you, the more valuable your site should be. Right? Wrong! The monkey wrench in the works is that since all links are not equal, it is not the number of links that makes a search engine put your page right up on the results page, but the quality of the links. The better the quality of the link, the more value it holds. There is no point in having a dozen links pointing your site, if they all come from a Link Farm.

The factors on which the value of your link depends on are the strength of the site, relevance and Position of the link. The Strength of the Site refers to, in the most common sense, the value that search engines give the link giving site. The higher that value, the more valuable the link becomes. One of the things that determine this is the page rank of the site. A link from a site with page rank 7  will weigh more than one from one with Page rank 2.

The relevance is the relevance in terms of theme and field. If your site sells fish, a link from a site with page rank 4 also related to fish will weigh more than a page 7 ranked site selling hand sanitizers. The place where your link appears is also quite important. This is the Position of the link. Ones placed higher up on a page are more likely to be clicked and so have a higher value than ones placed in the bottom.

There is a lot more that goes into link building really, but let’s start here for now and go one step at a time!

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