Optimization is the new buzz. How often do you tweak it?

Optimization is for your site’s good health and its longevity. It should be conceived as a continuous process and not as a temporary phase in the SEO journey.  Do not ever be under an impression thinking once done is done forever.  There are several milestones in the SEO journey where optimization and re-optimization are critical. Let us know few of the critical milestones.

  • You often add new content to your existing pages, tweak the titles and consider enhancements for a better ranking on the search results page. All the content of your website, irrespective of its newness is inter-related and any content change in one page can relatively affect the content on the other page. Re-consider the page linking by linking the added content to the old content.
  • Whenever you think of redesigning, think of optimization as well. Redesigning of a site is a complete restructuring and you cannot carry of f the same old unwanted stuff. You have to re-focus on your content, URLs, titles and pages. Enhance what is required, add something extra if needed, and weed out everything that is just a pure junk occupying the page space. Re-optimize the re-designed site for regained website strength. Ensure linking to the new URLs.
  • If you have not made any changes to your site for a long time, then it is most likely the right time for you to optimize your website. SEO undergoes lot of updating every time so does your strategy. Pages updated then have undergone lot of changes by now. Therefore, optimize regularly irrespective of new addition to your site.

Nothing is constant in this world of optimization and your ranks fluctuate. Any change relevant to your website means tweaking to your optimization too. Whatever be the flux, if the rank shoots up, know why. The same applies if your rank goes down. This may give insights for reconsidering your optimization strategy.

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