Link building 101

The 5 basic things you need to know before you get into hard core Link Building:

5: ‘Link to us’ pages:

  • what they do: they increase the number of user generated pages
  • what makes them especially useful: covers up other linking activities
  • recommended: different kinds of links for each kind of ad.

4: Directory submissions:

  • what they do: increase numbers for branded links
  • what makes them especially useful: augments domain authority
  • recommended: pick and choose the directories to submit it to
  • downside: tend to be neglected because of the monotony of the task

3: Blog and forum participation:

  • what they do: makes you visible in the blogosphere
  • what makes them especially useful: increases nofollow links to the website
  • recommended: make genuine comments rather than just agreeing with rest of the crowd
  • downside: could be considered spam at times

2: Guest Blogging:

  • what they do: helps find blogs of your interest
  • what makes them especially useful: Links you obtain in this manner are considered trustworthy
  • recommended: link out carefully, preferably Authority sites
  • downside: could be time consuming in some cases

1: Link Placement:

  •  what it does: importance and value now being given to it
  • what makes them especially useful: in-content links given maximum value
  • recommended: use all kinds of links and not just one kind
  • downside: only in-content links are considered unnatural.

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