Google+ for better sharing!

Google+ is the newest thing in the social networking domain. It is gaining popularity due to an amazing set of features which are designed to make it easier for users without the extra unwanted irritation of unwanted applications and programs. It also offers advantages over most social media sites in aspects like better privacy, better chatting facilities to name a few.

One aspect that makes Google+ really different is that there is no question of spam posts and mass tags. It comes as such a relief to the users who have had to up to their teeth with random posts and links that often are seen as an annoyance.

Another defining feature about Google+ is Google Hangouts that allows for about 10 people to do a video chat. It focuses on the person speaking automatically, mutes the rest for lesser confusion, allows you to interject when you want and finally, even watch YouTube videos at the same time.

So we think the coolest things about Google+ are:

  • The fact that Google+’s community standards is available in 39 languages.
  • The Circles: They are easier to manage and have more option to offer, like email as an instant message
  • Group chat for 10 people
  • List specific updates and profile viewing
  • Better photo sharing
  • Data Liberation
  • The privacy settings.

Google+ has a great set of features to offer. Don’t be put off by how it is not as good as the rest of them out there. Give it a shot; it could probably be one of the best.

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