Thinking what your small business has to do with Social Media Marketing?

Your competitors are running ahead of you at a lot faster pace improving their popularity and sales. Why are you living under excuses for not using social media to promote your business? If you think that you can run your business successfully in today’s competitive world of technology without good marketing, then you are wrong. Continue reading “Thinking what your small business has to do with Social Media Marketing?”


The ABC of Social Media Marketing:

A: Avatar: The username and the image associated with the person online; a pictorial representation of the person.

B: Blog: Comes from the words ‘web log’, could be a commentary, description of events or any other material, usually handled by an individual in a company. Continue reading “FEATURED”

Major Donts for Social Media Marketing

5: Don’t forget to keep your update/status message updated: you would think ‘This is the most obvious thing in the world…why is it being mentioned, let alone in the top 5?’ A casual run through of any site will tell you that there are enough and more inactive, dead websites that are around and no one cares for them. First and foremost, to be here and now is what social media is all about, don’t forget that. Continue reading “Major Donts for Social Media Marketing”